About Us

TRAVELINGO TV Channel is a video catalog of hotels, resorts, historic sites, natural attractions, the most heartfelt cities – for people who indulge in holiday.

TRAVELINGO, as the first TV Channel in the region, is designed to promote tourism. This TV Channel serves as a platform to connect the audience to the tourist resorts through an informative and entertaining tour. It will be a scaffold for tourism service providers to promote their offers for a broader audience throughout the four seasons.

TRAVELINGO TV will help the potential guest, to see and value the offers of the Hotels and resorts, and guide them as your potential visitors.

Cross-media campaign will also be part of the offer as beside the TV advert of your hotel or resort, the advertisement will spread on the Travelingo.tv website with more details about the your offer, YouTube page where your advert will also be placed, and social media platforms such as Facebook and INSTAGRAM as additional advertising tool of your product.

TRAVELINGO TV starting summer 2018 has spread beside Kosovo, on main media providers also on TV market in Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia and by the end of year is planning to spread in Romania and Bulgaria + Macedonia and Albania.

Main asset of TRAVELINGO will be the TV channel, which will target around 20 million viewers in the first faze of spreading its coverage helped by its worldwide website travelingo.tv

In addition, TRAVELINGO TV will start engage multicultural offers of the region with cross-fade media advertisement of local cultural diversities of the region as well as distant touristic attractions.